Sometimes you just need a little extra push to get you through a Monday. It’s the start of a new week but often drags on and on with each passing hour. New problems may arise or old ones keep festering at your grind. It’s like you just need a healthy push to get you going. Or sometimes a  self-soothing writing practice to clear your mind and make for a fresh week. Yet maybe it’s just a simple reminder of just how great you are to get you over the hump. What matters is that you DO push yourself. You DO get over the hurdles of the new week. And YOU do it healthy and hopefully happily. Check out some motivating tools below that might help better your Monday!


  1. Kid’s Personalized Journal – create a custom made journal with a name and picture for any little one (or let’s keep it real, yourself).
  2. Owl Be Ready Notebook – keep your thoughts together in a stylish manner
  3. Start Where You Are: A Journal for Self-Exploration – self-explanatory and a Pretty Kitty PURR-sonal favorite!
  4. Sterling Silver Motivational Pendant Necklace – quick and easy motivation reminder
  5. Inspiration Yoga Mat – Motivate yourself and others!
  6. Drink your Effing Water Cup – motivate those taste buds to devour healthy liquids

*affiliate links. Price and availability current at time of posting.


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