Gift Guide: Under $20 Wooden Block Sets for Kids

Bright lights and loud noises. Pretty accurate description of the majority of children’s toys these days. While I fully admit those sort of toys can offer some much needed independent play for kids (example: my own little one has about a million bajillionĀ of such toys)- it’s always nice to be gifted a quiet simple toy that can be used for days on end without being an annoyance to mom and dad. Enter wooden building blocks! The old classic! Here’s a selection of toys that will definitely get you brownie points with the parents (or yourself, it’s perfectly acceptable to pat yourself on the back for this one). And bonus- all these sets are under $20!


  1. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden ABC/123 Blocks Set With Storage Pouch (50pcs)
  2. 16 Pcs Wooden Cube Block Jigsaw Puzzles – Ocean World Pattern Blocks Puzzle
  3. Small World Toys 50pcs Bag of Blocks
  4. Melissa & Doug 100-Piece Wood Blocks Set
  5. Hape – Early Explorer – Maple Wood Building Blocks
  6. 140 pieces Wood Counting Blocks
  7. Wooden Cube Pattern Block Animals Jigsaw Puzzles
  8. 150-Piece Wooden Block Set
  9. 120 pieces Stacking Blocks

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  1. I have been looking for gift ideas for my five year old nephew. I really prefer something not noisy and something he can actually learn from. I remember playing with wooden blocks and loved them. I know back then we didn’t have all the electronics and techy stuff they have now but I think these blocks would be great to get him!

  2. These would be perfect for my daughter. She turns one a few days before Christmas so we are trying to find her a few presents she would actually enjoy…because lets admit…no kid likes to get just clothes lol!

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