Last Minute Christmas Gift PURRsonal Recommemdations 

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Hey! Don’t fret just yet — it’s not too late to do online Christmas shopping! If you are an Amazon Prime Member (if not, click here to Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial) you can order two-day standard shipping and get those presents just in time for the big day. Now, to make this even easier, I have picked some of my PURRsonal (errr, personal) favorite Amazon purchases over the past year that I thought other’s may enjoy as much as I did (or someone in my house did). These items are totally random but I would recommend any of these as gifts to those you think may enjoy them. But, hurry the clock is ticking… Christmas will be here before you know it!

Foodie and/or Home Chef! 

The Science of Good Cooking (Cook’s Illustrated Cookbooks)  – If you are a fan of Cook’s Illustrated Magazine you’ll be an even bigger fan of this cookbook! The book is centered around 50 core kitchen concepts and experiments explaining why things work the way they do and recipes that reinforce the findings. Basically, it’s like a why it works sort of book for the kitchen.

Virgina Boys Kitchens Large Walnut Cutting Board –  Virgina Boys Kitchens offers two shapes (round and rectangle) and two sizes (the one shows in 17X11) unseasoned 100% walnut cutting boards to Amazon shoppers. (Unseasoned is good. Allows the user to customize with the own oils and salts!) Each board is carefully handmade and you can see and feel the love put into each board. This is an impressive piece for anyone! Both useful and beautiful.

Beauty Buff


Art Naturals® 100% Natural Lip Balm  – Chapstick. It has one job, to keep your lips from getting chapped. Funny thing is so many brands don’t really do a good job of that. Well, with Art Naturals Lip Balm your lips will not be disappointed. Made from beeswax and with a hint of flavor, these balms glide on lips like butter. Flavors include: Hibiscus Blossom, Passion Papaya, Grapefruit Tropic (my fave!), Island Coconut, and Eucalyptus Mint.

Art Naturals Bath Bombs Holiday Gift Set – Yes, another Art Naturals product, but I promise these are great! I was totally new to bath bombs up until a few months ago. These were the first I tried and the ones I keep going back to. You get six different fizzing bombs in each set. Each bomb is carefully crafted to target specific body parts, needs, and ailments. At the end of the bath, both your both and find will feel nourished and refreshed.

Self Love


Reusable Insulated Cork Coffee To Go Mug – No coffee drinker will ever be upset with a new to-go coffee cup, especially one this fun looking. And wooty woot this cup is super eco-friendly since it’s made from recycled material so clearly, it’s a winner!  The 16oz mug has an outside made of cork which helps keep it cool to touch no matter what you put inside. Check out our full review here.

Start Where You Are: A Journal for Self-Exploration – I have nothing but good things to say about this self-exploration journal by Meera Lee Patel. Each page asks a simple yet mind provoking question to the reader. Some answers require a written response while others may require a little creative art. The whimsical drawings add a delightful touch to each page. (Don’t be afraid to get this one for yourself!)

Adult Stuff


Beer Can & Bottle Insulator – So simple. So clever. Just twist off the top ring and stick your can or bottle inside. The stainless steel insulator is guaranteed to keep a drink cold for hours and I can attest that it does just that! And because of the design, you don’t need to worry about any sweating. Just enjoy that cold beverage!

Cocktail Shaker Set – I couldn’t be more pleased with this cocktail shaker set from SHIKSHOOK. It’s a real high-quality professional set that looks amazing behind the bar. It comes with a 25oz aluminum shaker with lid/strainer, a double-sided jigger, two spout pourers, a cover case, and recipe e-book. This has been a great addition!

Wee Litte Ones


PinPals Developmental Bowling Game Set – I’ve been pleasantly surprised by this bowling set by Broyani Kids. It comes with six stuffed animal pins, one stuffed bowling ball, and a clear zip up case to keep it all together when not in use. All pieces are made from a thick material and sewn together very well. There are lots of details in each piece. Children work to get the pins to stand up straight and then take delight in knocking them over with a roll of the ball. It’s a great toy!

TOMY Jumbo Jamboree – I often ask who gave this toy to my child…? It was me. AHhhh! My little one loves it and most of the time I do too. It’s a 5-piece band in a shape of an elephant. Comes with a drum, xylophone, harmonica, bells, and a horn. (The horn being my little one’s fave piece and my sanity’s least.) This is a great toy for any child who shows any interest in music. It’s been a hit in our house!

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