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ilovesamples.jpgPeople who really know me, know that I’m a sample lover. Whether it’s a sample of the newest high-end face cream or some run of the mill lipgloss– yes, I’ll try a sample please and thank you. Now, samples don’t always mean FREE. While free is nice it’s not always the way to get the best ones. I’m always willing to shell out a few dollars to try a little of something before I commit to the mother load. But what’s nice is that some sample boxes (like Target) come with a coupon inside so it’s sort of like a deal, right? Amazon does the same thing.

Amazon already has the full sample boxes you can get that come with a credit to your account. ┬áSo for instance, spend $11.99 on the Beauty Sample Kit and once it ships you’ll get $11.99 credit in your account for when you purchase select items. Select items are obviously the sampled items in the box, but also a host of other fun products. I’ve purchased a beauty box and laundry box that Amazon offered in the past and really enjoyed it. Lots of different samples – some even full size. Definitely worth the money!

However (and I’m so excited by this), I see Amazon is offering individual samples to be bought and then credited when shipped. The credit does have to be used on the same brand of sample that you bought. Keep that in mind. But how cool is that? A quick view of the offers, it looks like most items range from $2-$4. There aren’t a ton of products, but the ones offered are pretty high end. Lots of beauty products – skin care and hair. Also some shake powders and protein bars. Check it out for yourself by clicking below. Even if you don’t end up liking the product maybe you like some other product in the brand or well, chalk it up to only a $2 loss as opposed to $40.

Click below to sign up (must be Prime member):

Shop Amazon – Try it first with samples

While I haven’t tried this program yet personally — I definitely will be trying in the near future. I’ll update this post with my findings when I do. In the meantime, if you try it out let us know! Happy Shopping!!


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